Streamline Technology Partners: Achieve Vendor Consolidation

4 min readJul 5, 2023

Picture a circus juggler, keeping numerous balls in the air — that’s your organization managing multiple vendors. Now, envision the simplicity of consolidating your IT services, business phone system, SD-WAN, Internet, SIP Trunks, and any other third-party providers you’re using. Instead of multiple bills, too many numbers to call, an endless list of online helpdesk ticket systems to use when something goes wrong, and multiple teams to deal with, you have one.

Juggling all those numbers and communication pathways divides your focus, time and energy. Instead of paying attention to what really matters for your organization, you’re trapped in a cycle of confusion: who do I call? Which website do I go to for help? Is it the IT team or the phone team leaving me hanging after I submit a request?

Stop the cycle of confusion and stop wasting your time. See how vendor consolidation benefits your organization and your whole team.

The Strategic Benefits of Vendor Consolidation

Use a highly trained manager of all vendors to quickly diagnose problems, turn to the proper vendor, work with the vendor to fix the problem (and escalate when necessary), dispatch to a location, and make sure the problem is resolved in a timely manner without costing you precious time.

Financial Efficiency

With fewer communications vendors, your accounting department can say goodbye to redundant costs. Vendor consolidation streamlines your phone and IT invoices so that you can see all your costs in one place and know that you aren’t paying twice for overlapping services.

Time-Saving Benefits

No more hunting down invoices from separate vendors or scrutinizing every line item. Your accounting department can save time in this essential area of your business operations and budget.

But the benefits aren’t limited to your accounting department. With vendor consolidation, your whole staff will take their time back. Put one meeting on the schedule instead of two. Trainings for updated phone software and IT policies will be conducted efficiently when they’re managed by one team.

Improved Business Focus

When you only rely on one vendor for communications needs, you simplify processes. There’s one number to call and one team to coordinate with when issues arise. Simplification increases focus and the ability to pay attention to what matters most. Improved business focus benefits your employees across your organization, from entry-level new hires to experienced veterans.

Streamline Technology Partners

Affiliated Communications: Your All-in-One Vendor Solution

Since 1984, our team at Affiliated Communications has helped our clients with a wide range of business phone needs. Now we’re here to help with all your communication tools. As your all-in-one vendor solution, Affiliated Communications is your single point of contact for voice, video conferencing, managed IT services, SD-WAN and all your other communications needs.

The One Bill Policy: Ease and Transparency

Don’t pay twice for overlapping services. Benefit from one clear and predictable communications invoice. Your accounting team and your bottom line will thank you when you switch to Affiliated.

One Number to Call: Ensuring Seamless Customer Service

You only need to know one number to call Affiliated and receive 24/7 Total Care services. We’re dedicated to proactive service monitoring and resolving issues as soon as they arise.

One Service Company: Comprehensive Solution Provider

We offer complete communications solutions: carrier, SD-WAN, UCaaS, SIP trunks and more. Whether you need on-premises phones or cloud solutions, we’ll ensure your organization has what you need at a cost-effective rate.

We also ensure that vendors honor their commitment to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Response rates, uptime and other key performance indicators will be tracked. Best practices will be followed so that your team receives efficient and comprehensive support when they need it.

Transform Your Business with Affiliated Communications

Vendor consolidation saves time and money while also increasing business focus. Affiliated Communications has helped clients navigate their business phone system needs since 1984. Now we offer communication support that extends far beyond phones.

Our agreements with top-level vendors for on-premise phone systems and cloud solutions, as well as managed IT services and cybersecurity companies, will pave the way to a smooth communications experience for you and your staff.

Our team is highly skilled and manufacturer-certified. We offer the best cloud and hosted products for your communications needs. We are committed to customer satisfaction and providing superior customer service. Let us take your communications questions off your plate.

The financial implications of managing multiple vendor relationships lead to a tangled, confusing knot. Let Affiliated untangle that knot for you and provide a clear, cost-effective path forward.

Originally published at on July 5, 2023.