Switch to Business VoIP Solutions for Cost Savings

4 min readMay 11, 2023
VoIP Solutions

Business VOIP solutions will give you an edge in serving your audience. A 2022 survey conducted by Hiya found that 32% of consumers prefer to call a business over any other communication method. Do you have the best phone technology at the best price to serve your customers?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology uses the internet to place and answer phone calls rather than the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network that requires phones to be plugged into a jack in the wall. Enterprise companies have switched to VoIP for their phone services, and now, more SMBs are, too. Why are so many companies switching to VoIP? The main reason is cost savings.

Cost Savings of Business VoIP Solutions

VoIP phones will save you upfront and ongoing costs in several different areas. Tech.co estimates that businesses will spend, on average, $20-$30 per user per month on VoIP systems. From installation to maintenance, with the right business phone system, you can expect to spend less.

Lower Equipment Costs

Because VoIP phones are routed through the internet rather than through traditional phone lines, equipment costs are significantly lower. The primary equipment your employees will need is a computer and an internet connection to make and receive calls. No extra wiring is needed.

No Long-Distance Fees

Long-distance calling is a necessity for many SMBs for a variety of reasons. If you are trying to expand your customer base within or outside your region, long-distance calling is essential, and those fees can quickly add up.

With a VoIP phone system, long-distance calls are routed just like local calls: over the internet. As a result, there are no extra fees. Whether you’re calling a business that’s located down the street, several hours away, or across the ocean, the cost to you doesn’t change.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

When there’s less hardware to install and use, there’s less hardware to maintain. Your business phone system costs will go down because you won’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining hardware.

Lower Electricity Bills

Your employees already have and are using the primary hardware that’s needed for VoIP phones: their laptops or desktops. In addition to less maintenance, simplified hardware results in lower electricity bills as well, helping you protect your bottom line.

Cloud Migration Lowers Costs

The switch from on-premises phones and systems to the cloud can be expensive. A hybrid solution might be the answer. With VoIP phone systems, you’ll see upfront and ongoing cost savings during and after your migration to the cloud. As cloud technology becomes less expensive, your phone bill will, too. Gartner estimates that prices for cloud telephone service will decline by 3%-5% annually.

Business VoIP Solutions Benefits

Reduced costs may be the biggest benefit of switching to a VoIP phone system, but that’s just the beginning. SMBs are switching to cloud solutions for their VoIP systems for these reasons:

Scalability and Flexibility

Hardware is limiting. Cloud-based solutions are endless. Choosing a VoIP phone system allows you to easily scale up when you need to add new employees or scale down when it’s time to downsize. Seamlessly add or remove phone lines during your busy and slow seasons.

When your phone system lives in the cloud, you’re not tethered to an office. That gives you and your employees geographical flexibility, making it easy to work remotely.

Increased Productivity

All organizations, even SMBs, experience a productivity gain because with a VoIP phone system, your staff can work from their computers, from their mobile phones, or take their desk phones home, allowing users to easily work from anywhere, all the time.

Efficient Communication

Traditional headsets and phone systems offer the basics, but they are rigid. VoIP phone systems improve communication through the advanced features they offer, such as efficient call routing, emailed voicemail transcripts, an auto attendant, and many more.

When everything is located in the cloud, it’s easier to integrate systems. Another key benefit of business VoIP solutions is that they can seamlessly integrate with your CRM system. So, when a customer calls, their information will be instantly loaded, resulting in a better customer service experience.

Security and Reliability

VoIP business phone systems go beyond traditional phone systems in their security and reliability. Your phone system is stored in a secure data center and calls are encrypted. Because of the flexibility of VoIP, security measures can be changed and adapted to new cyberthreats.

VoIP systems also offer backup solutions so that if there is a system outage, your data and preferences will be preserved. Disaster recovery is another standard feature of VoIP phone solutions.

Increased Uptime

With a VoIP system, you can expect increased uptime. Traditional landline systems are subject to power outages, phone line damage, and other events that lead to frustrating downtime. Because VoIP systems are routed over the internet, these events won’t affect uptime or your ability to serve your clients.