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The Three Buckets of IT Solutions to Increase Productivity: Unified Communications Solutions

The real work begins even before any IT services or communications applications hit your networks, according to Carter.

Bucket #1 — Before Technology Enters the Building

“The first step is to have a complete understanding of what the client needs are,” Carter shares. “Having this full picture and this thorough understanding of their business phone system needs will allow us to identify how we can best support them, will enable us in selecting the right manufacturer and then will allow us to go in and provide a project that is second to none.”

  1. Scheduling a collaboration platform assessment
  2. Determining the right size of the customer spend
  3. Ensuring that teams can collaborate better from anywhere
  4. Assessing how superior digital communication strategies can align to organizational goals

Bucket #2 — During Implementation of IT Solutions

The second bucket for optimal productivity is the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) implementation itself. In this stage, the key focus is “giving tools to customers so they have different ways to access the network and communicate intelligently and efficiently. We are committed to delivering a simple approach for them to utilize systems through their network as easily and productively as possible.”

When It’s Time to Move to a Cloud Phone Systems

Brick and mortar communications solutions will no longer cut it in our increasingly digital world. And organizations that embrace this reality and adjust accordingly will have a tremendous competitive advantage.

Bucket #3 — Post-Implementation Ongoing Services and Support

Carter describes the Affiliated Communications project management process. “We are responsible for full project management, from demos and proposals to negotiating the best pricing, through to first proof of concept.” This includes ensuring that post-implementation support is as strong as possible.



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