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VoIP Phones for Dallas’ Small Businesses

If your company has decided that a long-term remote work strategy is the right move for your business, you need to be sure that you have all the tools necessary to help your workers. Since they aren’t in the office, they don’t have a direct line to help them through specific tasks or procedures. With the right VoIP phone system for your Dallas area business, working remotely is greatly simplified and benefits your business.

VoIP Phones Offer Remote Work Tools

Modern businesses have begun the push to remote employment, but with the spread of COVID-19, many companies have started switching to a remote work plan. Some businesses may not see workers back in their office for the next few months, so they need management tools to keep everyone on track and accountable. Remote work allows employees more flexibility and freedom than a traditional office setting can provide. Unfortunately, traditional phone systems are not set up to adapt to this remote or hybrid environment.

A virtual phone system increases productivity by providing a voice over internet protocol method for your employees to communicate. Some solutions, like Affiliated Communications’ Cloud Phone Systems, offer a wide range of tools and applications to keep your teams in constant contact. These collaboration tools provide remote teams file sharing, video conferencing, project management, virtual phone numbers, phone service, and more. Services like RingCentral are useful tools that are integrated seamlessly into your current communication platform and provide a customizable communication option for your business.

Small businesses should invest in VoIP phone systems to give themselves a competitive edge. These business phone systems can be used as effective project management tools, offering remote workers a way to communicate with team members, managers, and clients consistently. Small businesses are already at an advantage on the communication front since many have fewer workers than an average company. Having the right virtual phone system in place further simplifies your communication channels and helps you keep track of which team is on what project, vocalize deadlines, concerns, and questions, and more.

Some phone systems also have elements such as time-tracking and Google Drive connectivity, giving you access to applications and additions that integrate flawlessly with your current projects. Team collaboration has never been easier for working from home than it is with a virtual phone system. You video chat, screen share, instant message, forward calls to your cell phone or join calls remotely through a mobile application. The possibilities are endless.



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