What Our Crystal Ball is Predicting for Unified Communications | Blog

Unified Communications

What Did we Learn in 2021?

  • 97% of workers desire some form of remote work with 58% preferring a full-time remote work environment
  • 58% of respondents advised that they would look for a new job if their current employer would not accommodate remote work and 44% of respondents know at least one person who has (or will) be giving their notice for this very reason
  • Remote workers are up to 40% more productive than office workers
  • 90% of senior executives expect to work from home

What is on the horizon for 2022?

Heightened focus on collaboration

Move to “phoneless” engagement

Migration from premise to cloud

  • Tremendous infrastructure cost savings
  • Better disaster recovery and Disaster Avoidance as a Service (DAaaS)
  • Enhanced network security designed to protect against advanced threats
  • More streamlined processes and operations



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